Welcome to Creative Room

Constant new forms of creativity, which stem from the continuous exploration of ideas and disciplines within an open, shared environment. Skill and reliability, qualities which have their roots in the extensive experience of the company’s partners and co-workers. The aim is to give each product a voice.


Business space.
Relations, strategies, identity: we make every single brand and product unique and unforgettable and increase its visibility.


Aesthetic space.
Research, personality, creativity: we breathe life into iconic, innovative collections designed for a new generation of consumers.


Physical space.
Structure, function, aesthetics: we design the way a space is organised in all its various forms, from interior to retail design.

Creative Room.
Creative space.

This is how we like to define ourselves, because that is how we perceive our company: not as a studio, workshop or agency. Something more than that, something a little different, more free. We are wherever our musings, our thoughts, our imagination take us. A creative space that knows no bounds.

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This is Creative Room.