Leroy Merlin presents a new way of teaching how to do it yourself. On the one hand, there is a coach that goes to the customer’s home and shows how things are done. On the other, there is the customer who welcomes him in and gets things done. The former explains, corrects and gives advice. The latter asks questions, tries and makes mistakes. They live their parts to perfection, and the conventional tutorial transforms into an online course. And what’s more, the coaches are Leroy Merlin’s in-store sales consultants, each one an expert in a specific department area.After the kitchen remodelling project, the format is now applied to bathroom remodelling, to allow a complete renovation without construction works. Six short videos, one for each topic, show users how to remove sanitary fixtures, renovate walls and tiles with water-based paints and enamels, cover the existing floor with PVC, install new sanitary fixtures and furniture, paint the shower stall and mount a new shower stall door. We took care of the video’s script, shooting, editing and animation.