UBI Assicurazioni -

Ubi Assicurazioni became Cargeas and entrusted us with the creation of their new brand. The name is a combination of the two shareholders, BNP Paribas Cardif and Ageas.

The logo illustrates the development of the company: a new beginning, fresh, dynamic and flexible – all qualities reflected in the extremely pared-down logo as well as the movement and upward tension in its graphic elements. The letter E is a brand within a brand: the three elements forming Cargeas are joined by a fourth line, which represents the sum and adds an accent, metaphorically speaking, to the company’s development.

With a new name and a new logo, Ubi Assicurazioni begins a new chapter in its history: a delicate passage, first presented during the traditional Christmas Dinner. Our three videos animated the evening. The first featured the faces of the 250 employees which came together to form the word “Insieme” [together]: a tribute to those who have played an active role in the history of the Company, a sign of continuity between past, present and future. In the second video, the story of a journey: a subjective shooting from a car on a journey from the headquarters in via Tolmezzo to the place of the event, a journey through a modern, lively, new Milan, projected towards the future.