Comelz is an Italian company that has been manufacturing and exporting leather and fabric cutting machinery worldwide for many years. Innovation has been its core value for the past 75 years and, for this reason, we decided to renew its brand identity without, however, losing sight of its history and international recognition.

For example, we decided to keep the same lettering of the original logo that has been distinguishing the company since its foundation in 1943. We inserted a graphical element derived from the z letter in the company’s name, creating a slash slanted downward from right to left up to 42 degrees to evoke the impression of a knife’s edge, also allowing us to appropriately rag the payoff text.

Moreover, we defined the guidelines for product communication and advertising, ensuring colour and font consistency in both paper and digital media.

In addition to renewing the logo and brand book, we also redesigned the website, including new graphics, text and especially organizing information for a more customer-oriented approach.

Last, but not least, we developed product videos, using a media which has been neglected until now. The first videos, currently available on the company’s website and introduced at the Simac Tanning Tech trade fair, highlight the machinery’s advantages through a combination of professional filming and animated graphics.