Tigros is an Italian supermarket chain with 65 sales outlets in north-western Italy. At Tigros supermarkets, convenience is a serious business. It’s not only about promotional offers or discounts, it’s about serving the best possible quality at the most affordable price all year long. It stays the same even when everything else around us changes. This is precisely where the focus of the social media campaign for Tigros took off, we wanted to engage with consumers in their everyday lives. Warmer weather is ideal for enjoying picnics, out-of-town trips and BBQs with friends. Eight consumer opportunities described in eight carousels and just as many stories, directing users to a landing page containing all the products that are always convenient for them. The spotlight was also placed on the products’ quality, narrated through images and words. The first release on Tigros’ social media channels was in July, the last one in September.