Leroy Merlin’s DIY training courses moved online in October 2020. The innovation led to the creation of the Leroy Merlin Lab, a new way to deliver courses but, above all, a long-term strategy and a complex project where different minds and hands get to work together. We provided our contribution at various levels. Firstly, we defined the format and the type of interaction between the LM collaborator and the influencer, one of the new features introduced. We also conceived and developed the set, which had to adapt to very different topics and activities. We established the tone for the content and prepared the scripts. Finally, we took full charge of the operational part, which included shooting and editing the episodes. It was a demanding challenge, also due to the fast pace of the videos, which required careful planning and maximum responsiveness. The first five courses developed for the test phase (three on gardening and two on home decoration) were launched over a weekly basis starting Sunday 11 October. The constantly growing number of viewers and their positive feedback suggest that we are on the right track.